4.30 to 6pm
– 4th of Feb The Creative Writing Fest at Unity Pavillion during the “Art for Lands” fundraising

Info: avmycreativewriting@gmail.com / Ph: 0413 262 3987

Dear aspiring and actual writer friends, this time we will play with Creative Writing in order to discover the different hidden parts of ourselves which we don’t know yet but have a so strong influence on our lives. We will also explore what is precious and valuable in us but not fully expressed. This playground’s keywords:

·Discover of your own Creative Potential
·Show up on the page and let that “something” move through you
·What wants to be written is none of your business!
·Writing maps your interior world
·Rewrite your own life
·Discover your own poetic vision
·Unblock Creativity
·I like this writing life!

The Inner Writer Playground is a protected, shared space where you will know yourself and may even come across
unexpected sides and potentialities.

Please bring with you a pen and a notebook.