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5th of March, 2018
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Young Boy Dancing Group/Vincent Riebeek, ‘Trapped in the Closet’ (2017).
Photo: Thomas Lenden/DAS Theatre
DAS Graduate School is seeking a new colleague to serve as Artistic Director (0.8 fte) of the DAS Theatre master’s programme as of July 2018. The deadline for applications is March 5, 2018. DAS Theatre is an international master’s environment for theatre makers and curators.
DAS Theatre (formerly known as DasArts) embraces a wide range of practices and calls for students with diverse talents and interests that are rooted in the making and/or directing of theatre, contemporary performance and other disciplines related to the performing arts. It aims to educate artists who are capable of engaging with the rapidly changing professional field, intervening in it and contributing to their own sustainable practice.
DAS Theatre has a long-standing tradition as a pioneer in alternative art education. Recently, DAS Theatre extended its profile to include curators who are affiliated with the performing arts. However, the overall programme offers a ‘dramaturgy of learning’, where students define their individual goals and explicitly ‘own’ their learning process.

Required qualifications of the Artistic Director

The Artistic Director of DAS Theatre has a vibrant international network and in-depth knowledge of current developments in the contemporary performing arts scene in the Netherlands and abroad, extensive experience with and knowledge of giving support to emerging artists and a professional track record within or collaboration with educational institutions, and/or a convincing view of art education. For more information about the job description, required qualifications and the application procedure, please visit the vacancies pageof the Academy of Theatre and Dance.


DAS Graduate School

DAS Graduate School is the first institute in the Netherlands to bring master’s, doctorate and research programmes together under one roof in order to strengthen the development of advanced education in the performing arts. Established in 2016 by the Amsterdam Academy of Theatre and Dance (ATD), the school unites four different programmes: DAS Theatre, DAS Choreography, DAS Creative Producing (under development) and DAS Research. It is based in a recently renovated building that offers a broad range of facilities and serves as an open, welcoming locale for public gatherings and significant encounters between the arts, science, education and society. DAS Graduate School is part of the Academy of Theatre and Dance, one of the six academies of the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

More information

For questions regarding the position, contact A. Netten: (0)653901121.

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