Presenting ‘Waiting for Harold’, directed by Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein, who celebrate their 60th birthday on March 20, 2022.

Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein, who won an Oscar for Balance (Best Animated Short), are two of the most successful stop-motion animators in
Germany. By combining classic puppet animation, claymation and computer animation, they have created their own distinctive visual style.
Is life simply a series of coincidences, or does it follow a fated plan? Waiting for Harold deals playfully with this philosophical question. Marie waits in vain for her blind date, Harold, whose bus will be delayed. In a time loop with minimal variations from repetition to repetition, the filmmakers work through the famous idea that the beating of a butterfly’s wings can cause a chain reaction which in turn changes the big picture.

The film is available for free on Goethe-on-Demand till the end of March 2022.