Dear Friends,

I want to share with you the huge success that I have recently had with my work being taken up by various T.V. stations in Tamil Nadu and then going viral on FB, Youtube and whatsapp.

For years, we have been exploring a road back to nature, and this message of honoring the Earth through eating local food has really struck a nerve in Tamil Nadu.

The response is truly overwhelming. This is a special moment. So many people are reaching out to us with messages of affection, support and enthusiasm.

My vision is to share the simplicity of how eating local food can create huge social change and integral to this vision is celebration, community and education.

Our 6th eco-music festival, Lively Up Your Earth 2019, is all about the importance of eating local food and the change this can bring to all levels of our society.

We are reaching out for financial support through a crowd funding campaign to help make the festival a reality and we need your help!

Please take a moment to have a look at the campaign. It will reconnect you to what we have been doing at the farm, through videos and photos.

The campaign link –

Please make a contribution if you can and share this link with friends and contacts.

I really appreciate you taking time to join us in our efforts to honor Mother Nature.

Much Love,