Pavilion of Tibetan Culture presents

An exhibition by painters from CREEVA
15 August to 7 September

Opening on 15th of August at 5pm, this exhibition will feature the work of Annik, Audrey, Lakshay, Sathya, and Supriya, all of them artists from CREEVA.
There is huge diversity in the kind of paintings that CREEVA artists do. Audrey’s paintings are abstract, Sathya focuses on landscape and people, and Lakshay has worked in black and white. Supriya Pava is an artist turning plastic trash into art sculptures, and her paintings have much in common with Abstract, Surrealism and Feminist art. A variety of mediums have been used, including acrylic and oil. “It shares in a room, the diversity of artists who have worked as a cooperative team. We hope that this show will inspire other artists to participate together in showing their work,” says Audrey.
CREEVA aims to give a chance to people to explore what art means to them because they believe a chance is enough to give people a stimulating experience of exploring who they are. Through their daily workshops and classes held at Creativity, CREEVA wants to create and promote interactions between artists and students of art.
“The workshops in CREEVA are based on introducing people to their own recognition of touch,
movement and pattern. They get in touch with what informs their expression,” explains Audrey, adding that she believes that art comes from engagement with what is outside of oneself and one cannot make insightful artwork working in isolation.
Responding to the world outside, this passionate expression of what is within is reflected very well in this group exhibition with 5 artists from CREEVA.
By Nivedita Singhal for AV Art Service