Moments in between”
Photography exhibition by Yam Yardeni
October 27th till November 10th
Opening Saturday 27th, 4 pm


Photography brings to me a sense of enjoying the moment without the need to capture it.” Yam Yardeni


What could be the “moments in between” for a 16-year-old teenager born and raised in Auroville? How is he able to capture those feelings through photography?
Yam Yardeni’s first encounter with photography was with the family camera in his home. His fascination of how he could capture a moment with a click started at the age of 6 when he told his mother Galit (herself once a photographer’s assistant) that he wanted to be a photographer. The last few years he has been experimenting with film editing and photography and has won the Wisdom Award at the Auroville Film Festival in 2013 and another award in a South African youth film competition in 2017 called “One United Roar” focusing on saving white lions. Learning photography with Ashwin in Last School has helped him bring a completely different dimension to his photographic style and vision.
Yam’s photography is about beauty: beauty of nature and beauty of people. Photographs of his brothers, Himalayan mountains, graffiti in London, rivers in Israel, the Matrimandir gardens – all are the demonstration of his state of mind during his holidays with his family or during quiet moments in Auroville.
Of the 22 photographs exposed in Pitanga, the little girl going down the steps remains my favourite. This picture was taken this last summer during a trip to the Galilee, Israel. The seriousness of her look, the composition of old steps filled with a falling carpet of twigs and leaves, the technique of chiaroscuro as well as of the autumnal colouring gives the picture an overall tone of nobility and makes one dream of ancient kingdoms. The name of the subject is Abigail and the historical overtones (Abigail was one of King David’s wives) adds to the tone of the photograph.


A moment in between:

“I was right on the edge of this river stream in the Galilee and the water was extremely soothing and beautiful. I saw this beautiful leaf which was once green and lively. I thought of how it fell into the river and looked now sad but how once it had a good life. The sun coming through the tree top made it enchanting.”

Yam Yardeni
Thank you Yam for this first exhibition of photographs and may your explorative soul and work be an inspiration to the sprouting young artists of Auroville.

Chana Corinne Devor for AV Art Service