Our Embassy, Now That The World is Ending, Let’s Get Together, for the Wrong Biennale 5th edition has been selected to be shown in the Arebyte Gallery plug-in exhibition. The plug-in launches on 19th nov. and runs till 26th nov. 2021.

What is a plug-in exhibition? For the 5th edition of The Wrong, arebyte presents a new way to experience the exhibitions of the digital art biennale as a series of windows pop-up, via a browser plugin. Over the course of three months, the plugin offers a progressive way for traversing the magnitude and unique breadth of content featured in the biennale. Each week, a curator from a Pavilion (online exhibition) or an Embassy (physical show) is selected by the wrong and arebyte to present their exhibition on the plugin. The weekly new exhibition is brought directly to the viewer’s screen, displayed as pop-up windows disseminated over the duration of a week, providing an artistic ‘stopping cue’ from relentless scrolling, email notifications and other computer-centered work.

How can you view it?Use this link to download the plug-in extension into your web browser: https://aos.arebyte.com/contents/the-wrong-2021/