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19th of NOVEMBER 2015 till 10th of DECEMBER 2015

Inauguration on Friday, 19th of NOVEMBER 2015 at 5:30 PM

Kala Kendra, Bharat Nivas
The Pavilion of India, Auroville – 605 101

All are Welcome


Varsha Randiwe’s paintings have a geometrical, linear look, especially the ones that reflect the form and element of tantra. Her architect father’s drawings also seem to have left an impression on her and it reflects in the rather neat lines and studied lack of garishness that often passed off as tantric influences in the 1970s and the 1980s.

Tantra is the primary influence in Ms Varsha Randive’s works and the focus is on geometric forms.

“An inward journey of meditation has helped me discover more fluid and varied aspects of those forms,” she adds. The subtle play of light is the prime motif in her paintings as was evident in her exhibition.

As a designer and painter, Ms Randive has successfully charted the route from creative expression to the somewhat obtuse world of producing art for the corporate world. To this she says, “I never experienced any pain because my clients have been sensitive and intelligent and have left the creative aspect completely in my control.”

Kishore Randive’s journey as an artist over he last three decades has seen many new dimensions, as he himself says,

“Even an entire life-time is not enough to master art. I think therefore I am, I am, therefore I perceive I perceive and therefore I paint.”

An artist who is charged by the profundity of his own vision and aims, filled with zealous fervors and creative energy, which has led him down many varied creative paths. He has produced films, acted in dramas, written screen plays, short stories, poems and even been an art critic for news papers. As a young artist, he was filled with lofty ideals, seeking to tear down facades and discover new values. For instance in 1991, he did an exhibition with all the works in the colour black, quoting Reinhardt, “Painting is black. Sculpture is white. Architecture is colour”. As his understanding of the fundamentals of colour grew, ‘black’ which is regarded by many as a negative colour which has everything.

There is a lot of the dramatic in the artist, which reflects in his colourful palette. He rarely uses subdued colours. For him the understanding of colours and its nuances add a different dimension to his work. In this exhibition he is presenting his works on three series – Flute, Realisation and Tree. His Flute and Realisation is filled with vibrant colour and a deep sensitivity. The artist seems to have achieved a different plane, where one feels his deep connection with the ‘flautist’ capturing his mysteriousness, communicating something subtle with great élan, almost as him he were playing amidst a swirl of ‘holi’ colours! His Realisation Series is an ability to express his inner feelings in visual terms which is a mix between figurative and abstract. This multi-faceted temperament that gives him such complex insights, now finding his answers in a quieter more evolved self…. yet another dimension.

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