…………Part of my Journey……………..

A friend asked me,’ What inspires you?’

And I said, ‘The search for something beyond.’

The life within

A passion for constant change and progress

I paint because it is my way of expressing experiences within me

The bottom line I would say is that I need to paint. It is part of my life and life is part of my painting

It is a journey, learning, a struggle at times and then at times a movement and flow.

My endeavor is to be an instrument of the energy without encrypting “me “on to the paper.

I believe art is cathartic in nature and helps me grow become more aware and conscious of myself.

The exhibition is devoted to Mother and Sri Aurobindo my constant guides and my eternal inspiration.


The artist has been a student of “The College of Art” New Delhi and has been painting ever since she could. She has had several solo showings and participated in a number of group exhibitions in NewDelhi,Chandigarh Mumbai and Auroville. She is actively involved with children in the role of teacher, mentor and guide.neeti-poster_low-res