RED-172x152The NEELANJANI auroville visual art centre’s fund-raising exhibition, RED, opens at GALLERY SQUARE CIRCLE at KALA KENDRA / BHARAT NIWAS on sunday the 2nd of march 2014, at 4pm.

artists, aurovilian or otherwise, who have (or for some reason, have not sent in their confirmations, may bring their works to the gallery on the 27th, thursday, between 10 am and 4pm only. all visual art media are acceptable.

this is a internally juried show. please make sure your works fit into the “RED” theme. three works per artict may be submitted. the work need to be ready to hang, or if its sculptural, pl make sure you have a pedestal/idea. neelanjani will benefit 40% of the sale price, the balance going to the artist.

works that are not accepted after the jury-process, are to be picked up from the gallery by saturday, the 1st of march, between 10 am and 4pm please.

there is a chance of this show travelling to bangalore too. bring us your best REDs!;-)