RIP – Rest in Peace, enquiring Restlessness in Pieces

What is freedom? How free is a woman? Is she free to live on her own terms, to travel on
her own terms, to be herself, by herself? In RIP a woman seeks her path, within her restricted
life, tied to her husband, by first convincing her husband to take her with him on his work related
travel. Travelling is her dream. Through her travel she grows and frees herself. And, this is her

An interactive solo, RIP is a woman’s personal, and political, narration full of satire and
humor. It takes the audience into a journey, also their own, of emotions, opinions and
questioning, of everyday and taken for granted conventionality of women’s lives, in individual,
social, cultural and political milieus.


11th Nov 2018, 7pm, Department of performing arts, Pondicherry University.