Ethiopia. Omo Valley. Kara tribe. Marc Vella. Piano. Music. Warrior. Body painting.The French Pavilion presents

The Loving Caravan in Ethiopia

Documentary and Discussion

With a Participant of the Caravan

Saturday 11 th March 2017


Cinema Paradiso

In French only – Duration: 1 hour

In 30 years, the nomadic pianist Marc Vella has traveled with his grand piano over 200,000 km on the roads and paths of more than forty countries to celebrate the human. As a designer of the Loving Caravan, he takes people with him to say “I love you” to others and “lovingly conquer” their heart and soul.

In 2013, thanks to the enthusiasm of several Aurovilians, a Caravan left Auroville for a trip to South India. In November 2015, the Caravan left for Ethiopia. From the high plateaus to the deep south in the “Omo Valley”, one of the last places in the world where people still live according to their ancestral traditions, a musical journey and a stunning encounter between African and Western cultures at the heart of Ethiopia.