Vérité (French for “truth”) is a multi-faceted project within Auroville, the international “city for human unity” founded in 1968, based on the principles of Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga. Since its inception in 1985, Vérité has focused on ecological concerns, health and wellness, collective process and spiritual “practice-in-action” in its efforts to become a center for integral development in service to Auroville and its guests. Vérité features sustainable infrastructure, alternative energy, a community-based guest house, organic garden, orchard and kitchen, and facilities for intensives, yoga & re-creation sessions, retreats and other programs. Vérité offers a unique setting for individuals and groups that are searching for living, working examples of alternatives to the conventional approaches to life on this planet.

At the core of the Vérité experiment is the concept of a continuously evolving learning environment. Vérité’s Integral Learning Center (ILC) promotes the sharing of positive capacities and skills that support conscious change, both personal and collective. Vérité hosts arts-oriented classes, workshops, and trainings as well as occasional small-scale performances and exhibitions in its two public spaces:  Vérité collaborates with teachers and facilitators from diverse disciplines, including: sustainability, personal growth, yoga, health and healing, mindfulness, meditation, organizational dynamics, communication, conflict resolution, counseling, education, arts and self expression.


e-mail: programming [at] vérité.in
address: Verite, Auroville
tel: (91) 0413 2622045