Dear Friends and Family,
I hope each of you are in Good Health and Peace during this difficult and intense time in the world.  Here in Auroville we are under lockdown like many of you around the world, doing our best to keep everyone healthy and calm despite the fear and uncertainty that is before us.  I keep all of you in my meditations, while chanting OM in a call to the Divine to bring the needed Help for all during this time.
I have been blessed to be among a few who are allowed to continue watering our precious gardens, nursery, orchard and veg garden in the Botanical Gardens, to keep them alive during this time.  Unfortunately this means that the work of building and finishing the Japanese Garden, which many of you have donated generously to over the years, has been suspended until the lockdown ends.  So in the meantime I would like to offer you a quick video tour of the garden to see its progress and to simply enjoy its growing Serenity, Peace, and Beauty.  A lot has been done, but we hope we will be able to complete the rest of it in the very near future.  Until then, enjoy and please share the video with whomever you wish to help uplift the Spirit of this world in pain.
Japanese Garden Tour at Auroville Botanical GardensA simple tour of our Japanese Garden of Peace which is still under construction at the Auroville Botanical Gardens in Auroville, South India. We hope to be a…

Thank you again for all who have supported this project in one way or another, and I wish you all much Peace, Light, and Health.
Peace and Light,Noel Parent

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