You are invited to join a creative workshop, based on the performance project VEIL: TWO SISTERS by New York choreographer Cynthia Berkshire. Including a warmup, improvisation and writing, we will be exploring family forgiveness. The VEIL workshop incorporates walking a labyrinth, and is founded on her previous program first taught at the Institute of Contemporary Art, USA. Group choreography for participants will also be explored, with the possibility of an informal showing.

VEIL: TWO SISTERS addresses a sibling relationship and the interplay of spirit, impermanence and forgiveness. Its early development included a series of improvised studies, the foundation on which the project movement is based. Entering the world of magic realism, VEIL has a sense of being of the earth and of a dream. Two sisters, one of whom has passed, are shrouded in white with simple and spare movement.

Held at CRIPA, the first meeting will be Wednesday November 15, 1-3 pm. Please write if you are interested or have any questions:

Comments on workshop: ‘I was very moved by the way all elements of the workshop provided by Cynthia led us to grow in confidence, creativity, spontaneity, and physicality of expression.’ —IM, drama therapist & performer ‘‘The flow of the workshop was perfect in getting comfortable with embracing creative movement/expression both for myself and interacting with others. It was a very mind-expanding and enlightening experience, which definitely got me to think about movement, connection.’ —MO, musician comments on VEIL studies: ‘The piece is so beautiful, I feel enriched having watched it’ —AS, dancer, designer ‘Very tender and heartfelt … Quite mysterious and lyrical. A delicate gift’ —DP, dancer/experience designer.

Links for VEIL: Oct 2017, Gibney: password: sisters (8 min)

May 2016, Dixon: (1min)

Invited to Auroville by Jill Navarre, Cynthia brings a background in dance, theatre and visual design to her projects. She came to New York to perform with Kei Takei; has an MA in dance, and has worked as a production artist/designer at Sesame Workshop and Bloomingdale’s. A movement coach on theatre productions such as ’The Strindberg Festival’, Cynthia also co-directed the multimedia ‘Landfall’, presented at Rhode Island School of Design; and has been supported by various residencies including White Oak Plantation and Palenville Interarts Colony. Cynthia will also be the movement coach, choreographer for Jill’s production of ‘King Lear’. They had collaborated on two projects several years ago in the Washington DC area, and in 1989 travelled to Auroville together. Jill stayed to create The Auroville Theatre Company, and Cynthia returned to develop her projects in New York.

JOIN US! For info: Cynthia with any questions: or Jill Navarre: 94-864-161-73

Presented by The Auroville Theatre Group