Tarot can be an extremely powerful tool when it comes to unblock imagination and create stories. The Raider Waite Smith’s Tarot deck is the most used among the writers community to develop stories and create characters, plots, crisis, resolutions etc.. It contains 78 cards that are literally already scenes by themselves. And each scene can be read every time in a totally different way. Because the scenes depicted there are already somewhere in our unconscious. We just need to bring them on the surface and work with them.
To write and create with Tarot in extremely fun. And interesting.
This workshop can be useful also to those people that are not particularly interested on the writing process, but just on the discovery of the hidden language of the cards itself. Tarot are just holding us a mirror. A mirror where we meet and discover our many Inner Selves.

classes are:

Monday 6th, Tuesday 7th, Wednesday 8th  from 4 to 7pm.

For more information and to know where the classes are held, please write to: