Friday 10 February:

5.30 pm DRUMS / TEAM AGORA Directed by Jinu THOMAS Music 4’
Encounter in the deep forest…

5.35 pm ISHTI / IN SEARCH FOR SELF Directed by Dr. G. PRABHA Sanskrit / EST 1h.48’
Ishti centres around a 71-year-old Ramavikraman Namboodiri, a Vedic scholar, his family members and Sreedevi, his young, third wife. Sreedevi stands up against orthodoxy and manages to inspire her husband’s son from another marriage to read and write. The conflict between these characters and those who revolve around their lives is what the film is generally about. Highly esthetic, sort of educational and slow paced, this film is a first one in this beautiful language, bearing a social theme.

8.00 pm KAADU POOKKUNNA NERAM Dir. by Dr. BIJU Malayalam / EST 1h.46’
A policeman arrests a suspected Maoist woman in a forest area. But he loses the way out from the forest. Thus, both the hunter and the hunted are stranded in the jungle. Power, Rebellion, Man, Woman, the Hunter, the Hunted… all such equations utterly change the protagonists and are no more what they used to be.

Saturday 11 February:

5.00 pm CHITROKAR Directed by Saibal MITRA Bengali / EST 2h.27’
The film is inspired by two incidents in the life of two painters, Binod Bihari Mukherjee of India (1904-1980, a blind artist from Shantiniketan) and Mark Rothko of US. It raises the question of who a painter paints for, and presents the tension between the artistic endeavour and commercial reality through a painter’s eye.

8.00 pm HARIKATHA PRASANGA Dir. by Ananya KASARAVALLI Kannada / EST 1h.45’
Documentary filmmakers Sharmila and Sundar are doing research on a Yakshagana artist named Harischandra. Harish was popular in female roles, and this seemed to have upset his life. The film follows his story and life as the young filmmakers advance on their research. The film director, lead actor and crew members should be present with us.

Sunday 12 February:

3.00 pm ONE Directed by P. JAYENDRA Music, Nature 1h.30’
An exceptional film about the music of Thodur Madbusi Krishna (widely known as TMK), a vocalist in the Carnatic tradition (classical music from South India). “One” is an experiment where the filmmaker took the artiste away from the stage, trying to find a space where he could let his inspiration flow unchecked. Shot in beautiful landscapes in the Nilgiri Hills and with high quality and special care for sound.

5.00 pm ASMAD / ME Directed by Prabhjit DHAMIJA English & Hindi/ EST 34’
A quality short film shot around the Himalayas, it enquires into the idea of ‘me’, thoughts, actions…

5.35 pm LOKTAK LAIREMBEE / LADY OF THE LAKE by Debesh CHATTERJEE Manipuri / EST 1h.11’
One morning Tomba accidentally finds a gun within the biomass in the lake on which he lives (literally). Not far away are heard the government machines clearing the islands and evicting the inhabitants…

8.00 pm BASTU SHAAP / CURSED HOUSE Directed by Kaushik GANGULY Bengali / EST 2h.09’
Major Arjun’s life was completely changed by a car accident in which he lost his sister’s husband and his nephew, but the ability to walk without a walking stick. The film asks questions about what the key to a happy life is and how one can rejuvenate the spirit.

All films in their original version with English Subtitles (EST) Audience: from 12
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