She is the golden bridge, the wonderful fire …”

Sri Aurobindo


Throughout history, attempts have been made to create a new model for human life. Most have proved to be short-lived or limited in scope. But Auroville – The Mother’s City of Dawn – has stood the test of time, continuing to grow with richness and vibrancy. We salute Auroville in this, its 50th year!


With its 58 nationalities, hosted on the soil of Mother India, Auroville is the human quest for consciousness and unity put into action. If it endures and inspires, it is because of the Vision behind Auroville, the force of The Mother as Sri Aurobindo’s “Golden Bridge” AND the determination of all who have worked and collaborated to root the City of Dawn in the Earth and make it flourish.


The Mother had repeatedly stressed the central importance of Auroville’s needed land base, its material body. Today, a significant number of vital pieces of its designated Master Plan land are still missing and at risk of being used for something other than the Vision and Dream. In this significant month of November, in Auroville’s 50th anniversary year, we remember The Mother’s wish for the land, and call upon all friends to join us in the effort to fulfill it!


Let’s support the Auroville Dream – an inspiring bridge to a new Future!

Join the “50th Birthday Land Gift” for the City of Dawn’s missing land!!


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