Dear Friends,

We take immense pleasure in bringing to you the 4th edition of the Remembring Veenapani Festival starting 3rd February until 18th February

‘Remembering Veenapani’ will platform commendable performances on the first three weeks of February. This festival is held in the memory of our dear guru, Veenapani Chawla. Veenapani invested 25 years of time and effort to create an ideal space that welcomes artists from across cultures to realise their creative aspirations. As artists who have had a direct impact of her work, we wish to celebrate this with you.

The festival will open with a stimulating performance called ‘Ramanaya’ brought to us by Sandbox Collective in association with the Goethe Institut. Ramanaya is an attempt to explore the fundamental Indian myth, the Ramayana, but to do so with a playful wink. The performance finds an entry into the revered epic through a central sketched model, made of materials recycled from junk and debris.That landscape, a kind of mind map, will be used as a playground—a place to discuss the infinitive scenarios that unfold in the Ramayana.

Do have a look at our schedule and set aside your evening in the next three weeks for Adishakti. There are some theatre, some music and some dance performances coming from across the country. We would love to have you here and we assure you a good time indeed.
Your support and contribution to this festival is vital to us. We do hope you will donate any amount you like toward our crowdfunding campaign.
This will help us make this festival special to all those performing and watching the shows that are presented at our festival.

Warm Regards,
Vinay Kumar
Artistic Director