An Art Space on the Aura Network

The Aura Project Team is working on an alternative economy project through an online platform

In the network, they have a dedicated space for artists called “Art Space” where artists can expose their work and potentially get donations through “Auras”.

What is an Aura?

Aura is the alternative online currency used in the Platform. Each user receives Auras daily, and these can only be used on the platform to exchange with goods and services. Out of the system it will have zero value.

To exhibit on the Art Space of the Aura Network, go to their website and join.


At this moment in history when humanity is waking up to our evolutionary crisis. Auroville has been at work on this crisis for more than fifty years. Auroville has a slice of the global population with three thousand members from more than fifty countries all living with the intention of creating a new world of human unity. 

Unity will come with the increase of economic equity within a community. A dynamic group of youth in Auroville have invested their energy into this project of Universal Basic Income (UBI) based on an initiative from the Science Walden Center in Korea. Reshaping money into the valuation of the prosperity that we already have, and taking even waste to the level of wealth is happening. Waste is only reborn as wealth when it is not wasted. Virtual credit becomes a complementary currency in a gift economy that is inclusive and leaves no one out. Technology assists our intentions with an app that creates a virtual network of exchange, and facilitate intentions of sharing. Our community holds the container for the sharing and caring. Sustainability is the natural side effect of this process. 

Auroville is an ideal place to experiment with Circular Basic Income (also known as feces Standard Money Basic Income): a new take on UBI that allows users, who are part of a sharing network, to receive unconditional, periodic community credit that can be used to access an abundance of diverse offerings. We have named this virtual credit as the Aura Community Credit that can be used on the web-based virtual Aura Platform. Circular Basic Income is financed and supported with under-utilized capital, and not by cash inputs. Under-utilized capital is a pool that all users can access with their virtual credit creating a circular dynamic without the use of money. This pool consists of the natural surpluses generated by production, manufacturing, and agricultural processes. The skills and talents of all the users also become available on the platform as part of this resource pool. Even more happens as the vast reservoir of materials generated by creative homemakers, discovered in the commons, and all that wage- earners accomplish at leisure, flow into the pool. The Auras are travelling and being shared (a part of the basic income must be shared daily). Benefits are flowing both ways between users taking and receiving. Automatically, the Auras depreciate over time if not used, so that they must be used or lost. Such a flowing economy cannot stagnate, and can meet the relative needs of users in parallel with other economies. 

As each one contributes to the platform with their unique offerings, the benefits spread universally. This real-time spending protected from greed by the features of the app will promote generosity, support of the arts, and wellbeing among all the users.