‘Art Matters’ – A monthly discussion series on art and related matters.

*every second Saturday at different spaces.

next meeting: 12th May,10am to 12pm, at the Open Studio, Kalakendra, Bharat Nivas.

And “Come, let’s create together”

Let’s experiment with Art for realizing Human Unity.
Let’s learn from one and all, through this journey of Unending Education
Let’s express together forgetting the barriers and baggages, to understand each other.

We will all create together on a 5-meter long canvas, every month. Annually, we plan to display the 12 works as a mural, part of our ‘Auroville Creations’ Exhibition.

At CREEVA Open Studio, Kalakendra, Bharat Nivas
From 10am to 4:30pm, 20th May (Every Third Saturday). Spend as much time, as you want.
Materials like canvas, paint and brushes will be provided. You’re welcome to bring your own.
All are invited. No need to book.