artTherapyfrom Krupa:

School of Visual Arts (NYC) & Sankalpa Exhibition

When: Friday, August 14th from 5 to 7 pm

Where: Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, International Zone

It has been a dream for several years to bridge my life and education during a decade in NYC to Auroville. This August, six graduate Art Therapy students from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, along with one teacher and one administrator travelled all the way here for the rare opportunity to share and learn together. I graduated from the same program with a Masters of Professional Studies (in Art Therapy) in 2008, and I am now co-facilitating this graduate credit course on “Multicultural Issues in Art Therapy” based in our ongoing programs and including close interaction with local village women at Life Education Center. We made the conscious choice to share the process of this journey with our community in an exhibition. Please join us to have a glimpse at our exchange and artwork created during the course!

Update: In the first week of this program, I have seen incredible insight and awareness in these students, particularly about race dynamics in and around Auroville. Their process and sharing is sensitive and thoughtful, and some of the most intensive experiences of true human unity I have had in 5 years here.