Artists Unite! invites proposals from artists, including but not limited to visual artists, photographers, choreographers, theatre-makers, performers, designers, musicians, poets, writers etc., for works to be performed/ exhibited at Artists Unite! convention on 2 and 3 March 2019 in New Delhi. Please forward to other artists you feel might be interested.

Artists Unite! invites proposals for works that respond to the declaration signed by over 600 artists. See the full declaration on


The idea behind the convention is to weigh in with a collective voice, and with a creative energy, that will present the arts and literature as a site of resistance to the hate politics that is sweeping the country. The convention will serve the twin purpose of providing an opportunity for artists and litterateurs to become part of a creative, collective process of resistance as well as create resources and forge connections with other resistance movements and collectives.


Please note that Artists Unite will be unable to cover a fee but may be able to cover travel costs for a limited number of performers.


Artists and writers from across the country have joined the campaign. Join Artists Unite and speak up For Democracy, Against Hate. If not now, the when?


Deadline for Submission of Proposals: 14 February 2019

Announcement of Final Selection: 18 February 2019