Aurelio Auro Art

Aurelio-portrait_600Talk / Sep 29, 2016 / 03:30 PM / Citadine Art Gallery

Aurovilian Conversations – “Every True Aurovilian should be an educator”

Aurelio on “Svaram Sound Explorations”

Since middle of June, spontaneously, CIRHU started “Aurovilian Conversations”, a series of weekly reflections (not lectures) between students, volunteers, newcomers and interested people with Aurovilians and friends of Auroville with experience in specific fields of knowledge. Considering the interest and the enthusiasm this initiative has awakened, we plan to continue it on a weekly base and to extend the invitation to the entire Auroville Community. All are welcome.
Thursday 29th September we will have Aurelio and the topic will will be: Svaram Sound Explorations.

CIRHU – Aurovilian Conversations
Aurelio on Avaram Sound Explorations
Date: Thursday 29th September 2016
Timing: 3:30 pm
Venue: Citadine Art Gallery