The findings in Auroville date back to the Iron Age and establish internal trade links before Greco-Roman times. Photo: Special Arrangement  (The Hindu)

You may have noticed that the work at the Auroville Archaeological Park (at the junction of Matrimandir/Bharat NIvas road) has come to a standstill. 

The work on this site began in 2012 and, since then, we excavated and documented 14 cairn circles in limestone in different sizes, 32 urn burials, which include 7 granite capstone burials and simple urn burials. These date back between 500 BCE to approx. 500 CE, over 2000 years ago. 

The archaeological work was completed in May 2017 and now we must finish the park so that the work is put into a context and is prepared for viewing. 

The Auroville Archaeological Park is located at a junction which is passed by thousand of visitors to the Matrimandir Viewing Point everyday. The plan for the park calls for the land to be raised, landscaped, contour-bunded and planted with indigenous trees/bushes. 120 granite blocks will be placed around it to protect it from traffic, benches and garbage bins will be installed, as well as a weatherproof structure with information, drawings and explanations in 3 languages, and, eventually, a small showcase with artefacts. 


For this work Rupees Four Lakh are required. 

This park will signify our respect and appreciation for those who lived long ago on this land and whose descendants are our hosts today. Thank you for supporting the completion of this public project. Contributions may be made to Account Number 0123 Auroville Museum of Archaeology. 



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