We are organising an Auroville Art Camp and Festival in March 2019 with Artist residency taking place in Auroville, for painters.


15 Indian national artists and 15 Aurovilians artists will be selected to collaborate and work on the theme “A new world is possible”, inspired by a quotation from the Mother in the Agenda.

This project wishes to have an educational part as well, 5 Aurovilian students and 5 Indian national students (above 18) will participate to this art camp.

A call for artists has been published this month in the News and Notes and posted on Auronet. See call for artists below.

This Art Camp will take place from March 16th till March 23rd. During this week, artists will be asked to produce one piece of Art and to participate to some Public Art events. Interactions with the community will happen during evenings.

We have been blessed so far to be helped and supported by different groups and services of Auroville and hope that this festival will help bringing the community together in the spirit of Mother vision.

Looking forward working and sharing together in love and beauty,

The Auroville art camp team

Artists and Art students (above 18) are invited to apply before October 15th 2019.

Please send a concept note (note of intent: what you aspire to do during this art camp) together with a photography of an art piece of your choice on the theme: “A new world is possible”.

This art piece can be specifically created for the Auroville art camp or could be a piece made in the last two years (fitting with the theme), together with an explanation about your specific choice.

We would also like to discover samples of your previous works and know more about you.

Last and not least we want to know about what pulls you to work on this specific subject.

Please apply by email at : aurovilleartcamp@gmail.com

The total weight of your attached documents should not be more than 3 MB.

For more information : www.facebook.com/aurovilleartcamp

We will get back to you if your work has been selected by the end of November. Good luck and looking forward creating a more beautiful world together.

The Auroville art camp team