Auroville Exchange Program

Building meaningful relationships with Auroville across the world




A unique opportunity for Aurovilians to build relationships and gain fresh perspectives with people of similar interests outside of Auroville.




A line in the Charter of Auroville provides inspiration:

Taking advantage of all discoveries from without and from within


One of the key aspects of Auroville is to be a place for the exchange of ideas and experiences, with nations and cultures from all over the world. This exchange program will give a chance to shift the community’s attention more outwards, by actively seeking more diversity and forming hands-on connections with other parts of the world which are currently “under-represented” in Auroville.




A group of people involved in social, economic or environmental innovation such as waste management, health and hygiene, farming, governance, education, communication, value addition, etc. Participants are expected to be:


    • Aurovillians
    • Committed, enthusiastic and receptive to new perspectives
    • Able to host two participants from  matching fields outside Auroville
    • Able to communicate well in English  (Tamil, French, Hindi are bonuses)
    • Willing to travel




The program will last 6 weeks starting in October 2019




Countries whose communities are under-represented in Auroville  




    • Identify a matching common interest group in the under-represented country which you have in mind.
    • Write to to request the application form.
    • Fill in the form, clearly explaining your motivation for the exchange programme  
    • Submit the form to the Exchange Programme before …. 2019.