AVfestival_banner_280 The Auroville Festival website is launched!


Auroville, the experimental city in the making at the Coromandel coast some 3 hours drive below Chennai, has been quietly building itself for almost 50 years and now looks forward to give Chennaiites some insights into its unique functioning, challenges and achievements. The ‘What is Auroville’ festival, to take place in March 2015, seeks to celebrate and strengthen existing friendships, and aims to forge new relationships and bonds between the citizens of the two cities. Auroville welcomes thousands of Chennaiites every year, and to most the project remains an enigma and puzzle.

The festival will therefore provide a wide range of lively information and insights through its many events, cultural programmes, exhibitions, workshops, discussion forums and seminars, held at different locations in Chennai and spread over several weeks. Aim is to give participants a direct experience of the flavour and essence of ‘What is Auroville’.