Earth and Bamboo 19th – 23rd November 2018

Earth and bamboo are two materials which have been used together for a wide range of traditional construction techniques in Southeast Asia. Both materials are locally abundant and affordable materials with a very low carbon footprint. Both are known to be materials of the people. And both are materials which can be used for crude self-construction or with highly engineered precision. Are earth and bamboo only materials of the past, or are they also materials for the construction of a sustainable future?  Please come to discover yourself in this 5-day hands-on and experience workshop in Auroville. The same workshop format will be offered four times in the year 2018.

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Auroville Earth Institute 
Auroville Bamboo Centre 


Exploring Auroville Architecture 12th – 14th December 2018

Exploring Auroville Architecture is developed by Auroville Green Practices in cooperation with local experts in order to share our experience in architecture with the world outside. During the 3-day workshop participants will get to experience the various architectural expressions at Auroville and the learning that came during the building process. The gradual development of Auroville created a unique environment. For instance, vernacular habitats that have survived the test of time as a response to site, context and climate as well as contemporary buildings with modern technology, design and services. This combination, together with the diversity of experts makes Auroville’s architecture unique in every aspect.

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Sustainable Habitats 18th – 21st December 2018

This workshop is aimed at deepening the understanding of a sustainably integrated approach to planning, designing and building of human habitats. A series of interactive workshops and site visits based on the broad themes of planning and design, green building material, energy management, integrated water management, waste management and landscaping will be offered.

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