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Last published podcasts:

  1. Lunaria – ep.6 “Feminine Archetypes: Inner Alchemical-Animal Woman and Luteal Phase” (Women’s health)
  2. The interview: Deepa and Calvin (Sustainable habits)
  3. Aarohan – ep.19 “Rituraaj Basant” (Music)
  4. Soul Tracks Se02. Ep.3 – The Music of Laurel Canyon. (Music)
  5. Audible Weed Walk – ep.30 “Where the journey truly started” (Food education)
  6. Happiness, Love and Laughter – ep.86 “Love for Health (Part 2)” (Wellness)
  7. The Tamil Literary Forum – ep.22 “மாத்ரி மந்திர் பற்றி அன்னை கூறியவை” (Tamil culture)
  8. Neo Urban Chronik – ep.33 “Are aurovilians exaggerating? With Anuskaya? (Humour)
  9. Marlenka’s Weekly Offering – ep.22 (Integral yoga)

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