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Last published podcasts

  1. Suryamayi’s PhD on Auroville – chapt.1 “Introduction” (Research)
  2. Lunaria – ep.12 “Kamalatmika and Matangi” (Women health)
  3. The Wazo methodology, with Auroson and Chandra – ep.4 (Humour research)
  4. Soul Tracks – Se2 ep10 “Rock free for all” (Music)
  5. Aarohan – ep.22 “Ustad Amir Khan – The Sound of Stillness!” (Music)
  6. Audible Weed Walk – ep.37 “New Year – everywhere: local, weedy, wilds to eat” (Edible weeds)
  7. Happiness, Love and Laughter – ep.97 “It can be easy” (Wellness)
  8. Neo Urban Chronik – ep.40 “Why is the majority always silent?” (Humour)
  9. What do you know – ep. 9 “Going back to zero – with Chandra” (Yoga and Philosophy)
  10. Conference Loufoque sur le Genie Francais – ep.1 (History with humour)

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