Your favorite radio is closed again due to the increasing of covid cases in
Auroville. Ay Radio team wish you to stay well and safe!

Here you can listen to the stream channell (playing 24/7).

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Last published podcasts

  1. Suryamayi’s PhD on Auroville – chapt.2 “Methodology” (Research)
  2. Lunaria – ep.13 “Bhuwaneshwari and Chinnamasta” (Women’s health)
  3. Savitri, B. X, C. I, Part 2 (Integral yoga)
  4. Savitri, B. X, C. I, Part 1 (Integral yoga)
  5. Soul Tracks – Se.2 ep.11 “BeatlesnotBeatles” (Music)
  6. Aarohan – ep.23 “Dharwad Ki Dharohar” (Music)
  7. Audible Weed Walk – ep.38 “Earth Day: Let us not be apart, but be a part of nature again” (Food education)
  8. Happiness, Love and Laughter – ep.99 (part 2) (Wellness)
  9. Happiness, Love and Laughter – ep.98 “Living on Love and Fresh Air… the Breatharian Way” (part 1) (Wellness)
  10. Neo Urban Chronik – ep.41 “The word of silence on the radio” (Humour)
  11. The best of what still around – ep.26 (Music)
  12. Une série hebdomadaire de lectures par Gangalakshmi –355 (Integral yoga)

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