untitled1The French Pavilion presents
Babette’s Feast

With Gabriel Axel, based on the fairy tale by Karen Blixen

Saturday 25 th March 2017 – 5.00 pm

Cinema Paradiso

In French with English subtitles – Duration: 100 min

Babette, a renowned “Chef” in a famous Parisian restaurant, “Café Anglais”, escapes the repression of the Paris Commune in 1871. She finds refuge in the service of two unmarried sisters, daughters of an austere pastor in a small Lutheran village in Jutland, in Denmark. Each of them had a love story without a future.

The youngest for a young officer, the eldest for a French tenor in a holiday resort. Neither of them knows Babette’s past and her talents Each year Babette buys a lottery ticket. After fifteen years, she won the first prize of 10,000 francs and, instead of improving her lot, devoted all her money to reconstitute, on the anniversary evening of the centenary of the late pastor and for twelve sets, the splendour of the great Parisian cuisine. The Lutheran guests, suspicious and ignorant of the pleasures of taste, were reluctant at first, then gradually appreciated the dishes and the wines and left more joyful. Only Lorens Löwenhielm, a visiting guest, can fully express his wonder and tells us that once in Paris, at the “Café Anglais”, he was able to taste such dishes and wines.