WHEN: 6pm, 30th August 2018, WHERE: Unity Pavilion

“Matter and Light” at Unity Pavilion from 12 Aug to 15 Sept.

Proceeds will go to the “Acres for Auroville” campaign to support the purchase of Auroville’s still-missing land.

Song and dance sequences are an integral part of Indian cinema, especially Hindi cinema, which is also popularly known as Bollywood cinema. The Hindi movie dances combine brisk as well as graceful movements and express various moods. These dances are also performed on-stage and during parties. In this workshop some famous Bollywood songs will be played to which all participants will dance together led by Shobhana.

Shobhana, daughter of Satyakam and Devasmita, has been learning classical and folk dances from the tender age of 3 years and regularly conducts workshops in Indian dance forms.

Join her on this dance adventure to learn a few steps which will become handy when you party next time. ‘Young’ people of all ages and children also can participate.