The 7th Auroville Film Festival will take place January 18th-23rd and feature international and Aurovilian films. Save the dates!

We’re looking for artists to make art installations on the theme of human unity, to be placed in the town hall area. If you are a creator and have ideas that can inspire greater community harmony and reconnection, please reach out to Marco at 9443262654.

Human Unity

A festival is a day or time when people celebrate something. It’s tough to celebrate a moment when things go in opposite directions. But that’s the time when we can really reflect on our individual journeys. So let’s come together at the Auroville Film Festival to watch films that develop the theme of human unity.

As we all know, unity refers to that which is one and cannot be divided; associated with humanity it refers to all that is one or all that can become united in humanity. It includes also all the processes exploring its development: oppositions, difficulties, failures, etc…

Human unity aims at unity in diversity; a unity beyond religions, nationalities and, more generally, beyond uniformity. It springs from the deepest source of one’s own being, and it embraces all forms of existence.

It can be experienced within oneself or in relation with other human beings …or even with everything that exists in the world… animals, plants and nature, stones, situations, events …