Hibiscus Art Village and Chittorgarh Art Society happy to invite artists from Auroville to join 6th Chittorgarh Art Festival in Rajasthan. Please contact us hibiscusav@gmail.com Louis, Elena
National and international artists participating in the 6th Chittood Art Festival Festival program organized by Chittodgarh Art Society, live in the vibrant community of artists and get the opportunity to exchange techniques and ideas with other artists; Local and international, emerging and established artists are close to artisans of local artisans, and community and local culture are encouraged to inspire their artwork. This program is done through village panchayat in village
The theme of the 6th Chittorgarh Art Festival for 2018 – concept of “Let villages and villages” should be articulated in answer to the artistic village environment, in which the village corridors, landscapes, health education of children, sanitation missions, historical heritage conservation and Regional folk art preservation included. They should also be associated with local and historical places of the area and with local communities. Programs of any residents located in the exterior place will be considered as priority
The 6th Chittodgarh Art Festival offers:
Management of living, eating and working in village (through Gram Panchayat)
Expecting Artists:
During the residence, selected applicants should provide a type of presentation, such as an exhibition or performance. If the artist also wants to organize a workshop, then it will be highly welcomed.
Upon completion of residence, successful applicants must complete a report and questionnaire. The report should include details of residents’ experience, project progress and any relevant feedback.
Application process with end date 30 December
A letter of recommendation is required. You must submit at least one recommendation letter from an artist, curator, director, researcher, or organizational professional. The recommended title and full name should be clear, and should be signed or engage individually in the form of a signature file.
According to the resident program
All selected artists can apply for housing; However, such accommodation is only for resident artists, to maintain safety, to maintain the life and rights of every artist, accommodation is not available for non-artists overnight (family members, assistants, partners or Including pets).
Contact – Mukesh Sharma 9460609478