– Opening of AVFF on Saturday the 16th at 5pm at the Town Hall Plaza

– Visible-Invisible: Exhibition by Dominique Jacques running at Centre d’Art Citadines

– Anveshan organises the first Auroville Food Festival with the cuisine of Africa (16th), East Asia (Korea, China, Japan) (17th), North India (18th), Europe (19th), Raw Vegan (20th), Vegan (21st), Middle East (22nd) and South India (23rd).

– Daily evening performances including Swaha Blues Band, Yatra Art Foundation, International Film Festival 4tet, Duo Shalini & Friends, Paul’s Funky Project with Gino and Smile, Predrag, Hartmut, Vera and group, Ray’s Electric Veena Project, Nu Jass Trio and more

– Art Installations by Marco, Okjeong, Orly and Richa & Rrivu

– The Auroville Film Festival Carbon Neutral Fund collected Rs. 7000/- towards the planting of trees in Auroville

– Kino Kabaret from Friday 4pm until Sunday 6pm with all the films made screened at the Outdoor Venue at 7pm on Sunday the 17th. Register at kino@auroville.org.in

– Discussions with filmmakers/producer whose films are being screened in the category of films that develop the theme of human unity:

  • 16th at 22:30 at MMC/CP Skype with Pascal Gelinas (A Bridge Between Two Worlds);
  • 17th at 18:40 at MMC/CP with Jamila Brown (GoFish);
  • 17th at 22:30 at MMC/CP with Eugenie Dumont (Heritage Fight);
  • 18th at 22:30 at MMC/CP with Richa Hushing (Nicobar, a Long Way…);
  • 19th at 18:20 at MMC/CP Skype with Mattie Porte/Lorenz Gramann (An Enquiry Into a New Story for Humanity: Change the Story, Change the World);
  • 20th at 18:20 at MMC/CP Skype with Oliver Dickinson (Where the Hills are Greener);
  • 21st at 18:30 at MMC/CP Skype with Amiya Patnaik (Tulasi Alpa);
  • 21st at 22:30 at the Outdoor Venue with Magali Chirouze (Stony Paths)

– Films made by students of Auroville will be screened from 16:10 to 18:30 at MMC/CP on the 17th Sunday

– Films that children will especially enjoy will be screened on Friday 22nd at MMC/CP from 16:00 to 17:20pm

– Most of the films made by the monthly Kino group can be seen on Monday the 18th at MMC/CP from 16:00 onwards

– Most of the short films made by Aurovilians can be seen on Sunday the 17th at the Archive Bldg from 14:30 onwards

– There are two films we do not recommend for children: Forgotten Sex Slaves – Comfort Women in the Philippines 17:50 Wednesday the 20th at Archive Bldg; and Stopping Traffic: The Movement to End Sex-Trafficking 20:00 Wednesday the 20th at Archive Bldg

– Awards Ceremony of AVFF on Saturday the 23rd at 5pm at the Town Hall Plaza followed by screenings of the winners

Find the Screening Schedule at http:filmfestival.auroville.org/screening-schedule-map/ and on https://www.auroville.org.in/article/66254 and you can xerox a copy for yourself at AVdzines.