All classes and events in Studio Oorja are suspended except Morning Yoga until further notice. 

Saroja is an extremely talented Bharatnatyam dancer and has been living in Auroville for the last 42 years! She grew up under the loving guidance of Andre Tardel at New Creation who discovered her passion for dance and motivated her to learn Bharatanatyam under the able guidance of Krishna Kumar and Geeta Krishna in Kottakuppam.

Saroja further underwent a formal training in Bharatnatyam at Kalakshetra in Chennai and earned a diploma for the same. She is a renowned dancer who has performed at shows not only in Auroville but also, France, Italy, Norway and Belgium. She has also taught dance and conducted workshops in these countries. She continued with her career in Dance for more than 15 years and recently took a short break. With this performance, she has re-commenced her passion for dance!