Chennai Photo Biennale Newsletter
Volume 2. Issue 7. July 2020.

Currently open opportunity for resident photographers and lens-based artists from India and Wales. CPB Foundation in collaboration with the Diffusion Festival-Wales with the support of the British Council and Wales Arts International is inviting proposals from eligible applicants on the theme – ‘Imagining the Nation State’.  
Application Deadline: August 30 2020.  

Visit our website to know more on grant eligibility and criteria. 
#EyeSpywithCPB Edition 4 | July 4 to September 19, 2020 | 4:00 PM to 5:15 PM IST (Every Saturday)
An online photography workshop for pre-teens, geared towards children of ages 7 to 13. In this 12-week workshop, with classes held every Saturday, mentors from the CPB Foundation would engage children with methodically laid out classes comprising activities and lessons based around the very basics of photography.
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Managing Photo Collections – Advanced Archiving + Photo Editing (Level 2) | Saturday, July 4, 2020 | 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM IST
Expanding on the material in the introductory course delivered in May, this Level 2 online workshop will dive deeper into photo archive management using Adobe Lightroom. The course will explore the Develop module in detail and walk you through how to colour correct and improve your images. 
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#TeenPhotoAcademy Edition 3 | July 7- August 20, 2020 | 05:00 PM – 06:00 PM SGT (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
7-week online photography program for Teens, aged 14+ in Singapore. The workshop, scheduled for every Tuesday and Thursday would guide teenagers into a set of comprehensive, interactive and engaging classes. 
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Quentin Bajac in conversation with Arko Datto | Tuesday, July 7, 2020 | 03:00 PM – 04:30 PM IST
Join us for this discussion with Quentin Bajac, Director of Jeu de Paume, Paris and visual artist and Co-curator CPB Edition III, Arko Datto about contemporary photography practices, recent exhibitions at Jeu de Paume and personal insights from Bajac’s curatorial journey.
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Pushpamala N, Artistic Director – CPB 2019
Catch Pushpamala N in conversation with Varun Gupta as she takes us through her curatorial process behind the second edition of the Chennai Photo Biennale, titled Fauna of Mirrors.
Artist Film: Arun Vijai Mathavan, Exhibiting Artist CPB 2019
In India, those classified as ‘untouchables’ or ‘Dalits’ have been forced to handle the dead for centuries. The manner in which they are compelled to do this in modern, state-run hospitals has gone unnoticed and undocumented. Arun’s project proposes to shine a light on an unknown, shrouded world.


Can a Woman Who Is an Artist Ever Just Be an Artist? by Rachel Cusk
The lives of two painters, Celia Paul and Cecily Brown, tell very different stories about what it takes to thrive in a medium historically dominated by men.  Read the article on The New York Times Magazine. 

On the Radically Compassionate Films of Ai Weiwei and Agnès Varda – Curtis White Makes a Call for Counterculture
Human cultures are about place: where to live, and home: how to live and with whom. In Western capitalist culture, home is where the money is. And place, increasingly, is an abstraction. In the fall of 2017 two feature-length documentaries by prominent artists—Ai Weiwei and Agnès Varda—took up the challenge of thinking about people out-of-place with very different results.
Read the article on Literary Hub 

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Imagine Otherwise: Tina Campt on Listening to Images [ Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts ]
Cathy Hannabach talks with professor Tina Campt about how listening to images reveals their multisensory and embodied nature, the haptic connections we have to photos, why the art/activism/academia braid holds such power for Black communities, and why putting intimacy at the center of all she does is how Tina imagines otherwise.

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What is Home? Our first-ever online student showcase with the students of Teen Photo Academy
Over the course of seven weeks, our students from #TeenPhotoAcademy tried to capture the essence of what home means to them through photographs. While one student included photographs of a little mynah’s nest she’s set up in her garden, another pictured a weekly ritual of making pasta with his mom when he thought of home.
Photographers Indira Kumar (@indirakumar93), Jaisingh Nageswaran (@jaisingh_na), Kirthana Devdas (@kidevdas), and Sunder Ramu (@soondah_wamu) joined our students and shared their photographs they had shot during the lockdown.
Testimonials from attendees
“This has been lovely! So very impressed with all the artists here. So moved by your photo stories, keep up the excellent work, everyone”
– Soumya Nair
“All thinkers…the very basis of a good photographer! And the seriousness of the intent – very, very impressive”
– Bharath Ramamrutham
#EyeSpyWithCPB level 2
Starting today, a few students who have attended any of our prior workshops have begun attending #EyeSpyWithCPB level 2! This intermediate workshop expands upon their storytelling skills, and introduces them to impactful photographic works and photographers.
Partnership with Nalandaway
<>We’re pleased to announce two workshops from our latest collaboration with Nalandaway! Over the course of the next seven weeks, two groups – pre-teens and teenagers will be learning the basics of photography and storytelling.
Check out other photocamps workshop lineups here. Do spread the word among your friends and networks who have children aged 10+. In case of queries, contact

#WhatsinaFrame – must watch movies for photographers

– Teaching visual language through cinema

Check out @cpbphotocamps on Instagram. Look for #WhatsinaFrame, a weekly series curating film-stills to observe for their exceptional cinematography, composition and framing.
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