screen-shot-2017-04-13-at-4-02-47-pmYouthLink wants to invite you to our new event called “COMM4UNITY”

(Come For Unity) is an event designed to connect people in Auroville and the region with each other to display the amazing variety of opportunities. This is also complimenting YouthLink’s ProSkills initiative – as a platform to display the wide array of skills oriented activities/opportunities available.

The event will be April 15th(5-8pm). The plan is to hold a festival & performance in the Youth Centre.

The purposes of the event:
#1. Share with young people in Auroville and in the region activities and events that they can participate in;
#2. Give young people in Auroville and in the region the opportunity to work together on an inspiring project;
#3. Encourage people in Auroville and in the region to share skills and give workshops;
#4. Unite people in Auroville and in the bioregion.

Each time we have this event, we will have a different theme – example themes Multimedia, Health, Art, Farming, Music, Economy… etc. and each theme will be inspired by one of our 12 qualities.

The first event will display Youth Groups from Auroville, the Bioregion and Pondicherry, and they will decide the theme for the next event. The goal of this event is to create a space to feel the energy of “a youth that never ages” and to use this platform to build community and link us all together. 

We would be very happy to have you there!!

Event Info:
Time: 5:00-9:00pm
Place: Youth Centre
Day: Saturday 15th April

Event Structure:
5:00-5:30 Check-in Circle with presentation and group game
5:30-7:30 Festival/Stalls/Performances
7:30-9:00 Dinner/Music/Gathering (YC PIZZA NIGHT)
9.00pm Collective Clean-up