A Photo/Story Contest Hosted by AVI USA September 21st through October 5th

Photographs help tell the story of Auroville’s resilience, humanity and beauty. When we think of Auroville, we often think of images like that of tree lined landscapes, Matrimandir, it’s Gardens, or the Solar Kitchen. However, the Auroville that many of us know is an experience outside of these polished images and is far more personal.

If you or someone you know has images of a more personal Auroville, the one that often goes unseen, we invite you to share them with AVI USA and our followers . Take us on a walk down dusty roads and cycle paths and share your photos and the stories they convey. Three winners will be chosen from our entrants based on engagement level and quality of their posts. In the spirit of sharing, our winners will have the opportunity to choose an Auroville Service Unit or Activity to receive a donation from AVI USA in their name.

How to Participate: 

  1. Head to facebook and post your own picture with a description of the memory it conveys to the discussion page of the online event. 
  2. Click on the above link and engage with the gallery of pictures and memories posted by others – like, comment, and share away!
  3. Send a photo/story via email to alana@aviusa.org with “Auroville Through Your Eyes” in the subject line. Your picture and memory will be posted by AVI USA directly to the page. 

We look forward to seeing Auroville through your eyes!