12 /13 / 14 of October. From 4 to 6pm

Do you want to write a story just for the fun of it but you don’t know how to start? Do you feel you have “something to write” inside of you but you do not know what it is and how to put it on the page? Do you want to learn to write creatively for the sheer fun of it? Then participate to the Creative Writing Playground on the 12 /13 / 14 of October. From 4 to 6pm.You will play with some technique to create a short story (or poetry or monologue or dialogue or…) just for the sheer fun of it! And at the same time you will free yourself from whatever hinders the flow of your creativity. No experience is required, indeed! What you really need is just a pen and a notebook. Let’s have fun been creative together!

To book for the playground please write to: mycreativewriting@gmail.com.

for more information please check my youtube page “My Creative Satsang”, or go in Facebook to the page My Creative Writing. There you will find few videos on the subject made by myself.

NB: this playground is not intended to give you professional tools on writing, but tools you can use to free your creativity from blockages and gain trust in your own creative Inner world.