deepam_filling_lampsDEEPAM CELEBRATION at Deepam School
Friday 5th December
at 6 pm

On full moon we will light more than a thousand oil-lamps which create a celestial atmosphere. Karthigai Deepam has for centuries been celebrated. It originates from the legend of Lord Shiva who had transformed himself into a divine flame. On this night in Tiruvannamalai a big fire is lit on top of the holy mountain Arunachala.

At Deepam we work with children and youth with special needs from the surrounding villages. Deepam means light – we chose this name for our project because we want to bring light into the lives of children with special needs.

A mini-bus will leave at 5.30 pm from Solar Kitchen for anybody who needs transport to Deepam,

Please follow the lights from the orange gate, previously Last School entrance, to reach Deepam. Kindly be on time as there will be a small program by our children.