DRO_POSTER_1200Domestic Radio Orchestra Experimental Concert of Transistors

Symphony of soundwaves

Saturday, 30th August 2014, 8 pm



Listen and participate by bringing your own portable radio set

We will play this unique one hour piece
created and performed for the first time in Auroville

8 radios will be arranged in the public space.
Some radios will broadcast local stations, while others will look for the hidden sounds between channels.
The transistors will play in a very low volume in order to create a soft carpet of noise. When they are all lit, chaos will emerge…
Chloe and Lucas will use the chaos to compose music spread on four speakers.

During the performance, people who have brought their radio’s will be invited to join in the radio orchestra.

From this chaotic diversity, will a unique voice emerge ?

This concert benefits AurovilleRadio. All contributions will help launch the new School of Communication Art & Science.

Chloé Sanchez
is Aurovillian since 2007. Today she travels between Auroville and France where she composes a patchwork of all kinds of sounds for performing art, radio and documentary.
Producer and director for Radio France (French National Radio), she has also created the Hand Made Radio Art (Collective Labo-radiophonic live performance) on Radio Campus Paris. Since September 2013 she joined the composition class of electroacoustic music at the Experimental Music Conservatory of Pantin (France).

Lucas Pizzini
is a multi-instrumentalist and sound hacker. Fascinated by sounds, he transforms his saxophone or flute to make unexpected sounds (see video here: http://youtu.be/IGjVxQxLk94). He also invents motorized instruments from recovered electronic objects which he can control like an orchestra of robots.
As a sound engineer, he participated in various musical projects of electroacoustic music, jazz, free improvisation or traditional music.