Dear Friends,

“Dum Pukht” writer’s residency is going to take place in Adishakti for the 4th consecutive year.

Below are the details to apply. To all the writer friends, this is such an amazing workshop and is highly recommended. The last date for applying is 31st August, so please don’t miss this opportunity.


WHEN: November 25, 2019 — Dec. 7, 2019 (2 weeks)
WHERE: Adishakti Theatre, Puducherry, India 605101
INSTRUCTORS: Anil Menon, Pervin Saket
FEES: Rs. 30,000 (includes accommodation, food, instructor fees, material etc.)
……………[1] What’s with the name?

‘Dum Pukht’ is a Persian/Mughal cooking technique in which meat and vegetables are transformed by cooking them in a closed container over a slow fire, so as to preserve natural flavors. This is also what happens to the Dum Pukht workshop’s participants (metaphorically speaking, of course). The Dum Pukht Writers’ Workshop is a two-week, in-residence workshop for fiction writers ready to take their work seriously. Really seriously. The workshop is activity-centered and intensely experiential. You will interact with several instructors, all experts in different aspects of writing. You will also critique and learn from the work of thirteen other writers. The workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore and enhance your writing voice.

[2] Workshop Structure:

The workshop has 14 (student) participants and 4 instructors. The ten-day schedule is divided into four segments and each segment is handled by a different instructor, thus giving you exposure to a variety of styles, techniques and perspectives. There is considerable emphasis on group critiques, with the instructor as mediator/facilitator. You will bring one story with you, which will be critiqued in the first session. You will also write one more story during the workshop. Half the work-day is spent on critiquing stories, while the other half is reserved for instruction and exercises. We may also invite guest experts (not necessarily writers) to share some cool stuff they’re working on.

[3] Who are the instructors?

The instructors are Anil Menon (Session 1), Pervin Saket (Session 2) and Akshat Nigam (Session 3). The poet and editor Ravi Shankar is our special guest instructor for Session 4.

[4] Workshop objectives:

— To get you to think about stories. Really think. Writers tend to be very good readers, but because we immerse easily, the text becomes invisible. One aim of the workshop is to break this spell of text, wake you up from the Matrix, as it were. In short, the workshop will explore the craft aspects of writing fiction.
— To help you connect text to context. India offers some wonderful possibilities for storytelling. Sometimes we can overlook these possibilities, because as with text, the overly-visible context can turn invisible.
— To give you an opportunity to interact with established and experienced professionals. To help you join a growing community of professional writers.
— To have some fun!

[5] How To Apply

The application process is simple:

— Select one of your best short stories (between 2,000–5,000 words). We like all kinds of stories, so be brave.
— Include a bio note: tell us something about yourself. Why are you applying? What do you hope to learn? Where are you as a writer?
— Attach the story and note to the mail form on our websit and click submit OR send it to before August 31st, 2019.
For more details about the workshop, the instructors and the process, please visit or send us an email at