Happy to invite you to the Black & White Show.
Opening on this Sunday the 4th of August.

Requesting Black & White as dress code for the opening!
Looking forward to seeing all in town!

BLACK & WHITE Show by – Bharath.L, Chinmaya Devy S.A.V.Elaiyabharathy, S.A.V.Elaiyaraja Neeti Khanna, Noa Radja, Saakshi Brahmi, Santhi Siri Seemadevi.D, M.Senthilnathan, Sergey Stanovykh Inauguration on Sunday August 4th 6 p.m. 


Abscense of light is black, and composite of all colours is the white light, which when fragmented by a prism gives the seven colours- VIBGYOR of the Rainbow. Violet, red, indigo, orange, blue, green, yellow.

Early days when we were not as tech savvy first was born hand printing with wood blocks and then slowly came lithographs and etchings. Black and white photography followed later around the 18th century. While engaging with the visual art practice also we start with pencil and ink drawings first.

But today after having all the facilities at our finger tips when people opt for the black and white, it is a choice. The strong effect of the stark tonal variations of a black and white work has an impact which colour distracts. And in today’s hyper-glitzy age, where we are constantly over bombarded by loud commercials, a black and white picture is soothing and all the more attractive. Thus inviting all to celebrate the black and white through this exhibition.
Kind regards,

Sergey Stanovykh
Courage – Auroville
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