Padmashri Bharathi Shivaji, whose name stands as a synonym for Mohiniyattam, is performing LASYA TARANGINI along with her senior students


  • When: 8pm, 18 December 2021
  • Where: Shri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Auroville


Introducing the theory and the basics of Mohiniyattam by Bharathi Shivaji, to which all dancers are invited.

When: 10 am to 1pm, 19 December 2021
Where: Shri Aurobindo Auditorium

To participate in this workshop please write by 15th December to:

Mohiniyattam is a classical dance form of Kerala which mainly follows the principles and structures of Lasya, the grace and delicacy of movements elaborated in the Natya Shastra.

For more than three decades Padmashree Bharati Shivaji has carved a niche for herself as the leading exponent of Mohiniyattam. With countless performances all over India and abroad, Bharati Shivaji has contributed substantially to popularizing this beautiful classical dance style,
ensuring it a well established place on the world map of dance.
She has also established the Center for Mohiniyattam, New Delhi, where research, training, and choreographing of new works takes place continuously.

Reams have been written about her performances, and a documentary film has been made on her life and work.

She is the Author of three books ‘The Art Of Mohiniyattam’,’Mohiniyattam,’ And, ‘ Mohiniyattam – It’s Art And Aesthetics ‘. Several prestigious awards like Padmashri, By The Govt. Of India, ‘Nrityacoodamani’ By Srikrishna Gana Sabha, Chennai, Sahitya Kala Parishad Samman By The Govt. Of Delhi, And Nishagandhi Puraskaram, By the Govt. of Kerala to mention only a few, have been conferred upon her.

Her performance is one of the highlights, celebrating 50 years of Bharat Nivas.