• When: Ongoing till Saturday, 26 March 2022, Viewing time is from 9:00 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 16:45hrs
  • Where: Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, Auroville

“….to discover
A new mind and body in the city of God
And enshrine the Immortal in his glory’s house
And make the finite one with Infinity “
Savitri, Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother assign a highest status to an art which serves as revealer and teacher of a quest for the All-Beautiful.

In this spirit, we decided in 2018 to organise an Artist camp with Artist residency taking place in Auroville for artists.
Auroville Art Camp is not just another art camp. It takes place in Auroville, a unique experiment where men and women, from India and every corner of the World, attracted by the vision of Sri Aurobindo, have answered to the call of The Mother to manifest her Dream.

By organising this camp with artists from all over India, we try to create a concentrated atmosphere for the duration of one week where we may work together in search of Beauty, invoking through Art this new world which is our ideal.

The Art Camp focusses on the collaboration of Indian national artists with Aurovilian artists, as everyone works together on a specific theme.

We selected 10 Indian Nationals artists, 8 Aurovilian artists, 1 Indian national art student and 1 Aurovilian art student.
A catalog to introduce the selected artists and art students of the Auroville Art Camp 2022 is available online on the Auroville Art Camp website.

What we hope to achieve through the Auroville Art Camp is to provide artists a time and a space of creation in an atmosphere that encourages concentration and quality; to allow artists to explore their artistic research within Auroville; to encounter this unique experiment that is Auroville, to offer to the Auroville community a moment of artistic interaction, to enable the exchange of ideas and practices for emerging, established artists, and art students alike; to nurture younger artists; to create a network of artists within India, to provide an “in-kind” support for artists (art materials, food and accommodation are provided), with the vision to create a non-profit model to build and sustain Auroville artistic practices.

Artists are performing during their stay a collective art installation in a public space in Auroville with the support of the caretakers of different venues in order to open a way for an interaction with the community which in turn has the chance to experience and engage with art.

The organisation and the making of the Art Camp is a community initiative.
At each step, Aurovilians contribute to the project in so many ways depending upon who they are, what they know, what they foresee.

We, the core team of the Auroville Art Camp organisation are so grateful for that. It’s about goodwill, collaboration and contributing to the dream that is Auroville.

The preparation of the art camp is also an opportunity for being inventive and resourceful.

With each edition, we create an art installation that is set up at the venue of the art camp to welcome the invited artists and create a space that draws creation and beauty. This is an occasion for everyone who participates to share the joy of making and learning and to nurture collaboration and togetherness.