A new Film Documentary by Fred C., this Saturday 3rd Feb, 5pm, at Cinema Paradiso. See the trailer:

Note from the Director:

I discovered Auroville 7 years ago, during a world tour with my family for the realization of a documentary series on the theme of sustainable development. (www.martinautourdumonde.com )

From my first visit, I was seized by the incredible work done to transform, in just 50 years, a desert into a lush forest. I told myself that if such a miracle had been achieved then everything was possible, and therefore a better world was possible.
It’s been two years since I completed the world tour of “good ideas for the world of tomorrow”. Me and my family have made 21 documentaries that bring together hundreds of initiatives to change the world but Auroville is the place that seemed the most singular, the richest. I decided to come back to live here with my family, in total immersion, to live the experience very closely. It gives me a place to make this birthday film.

The work of forestation, as well as ecological awareness, seems always remarkable but I realized that it was only a small part of Auroville’s strength. The goal of this city is to create a new model of society by using the best of each, what is the truest in him.
This film is primarily intended for television; it aims to talk about Auroville to people who have no idea of this experience. Thus, my intention is not to put too much on the spirituality side that could disturb some people, but to start from concrete experiences that have succeeded here and talk about “inner change”. After 50 years, the results are here! The purpose of this film is to present them to understand how it works. In a second step only, I would like to invite the viewer to understand for himself that all this amounts to considering the human being differently.

I interviewed many Aurovilians, pioneers but also young people, born in Auroville, who today have some children in their turn. There are also those who come every day, they have plated everything, sometimes very comfortable lives, to live the great adventure.

This film will be screened in France on the channel “Travel” and the network “National Geographic Channel” for the whole world.
The first broadcast in France is scheduled for March 4 at 9 pm on “VOYAGE”.

This film was produced by myself via my production company “Magic Bus Films” in co-production with “CINETEVE” and the help of the “National Center for Cinema”.