Dear Friends,

In the current unprecedented times in human history, we are looking for stories. Not the mind-boggling barrage from the mainstream media, not also from social media which acts more or less like an echo chamber, but stories from the other side, perhaps those locked in homes, stuck in throats, hanging on tree tops visible from balconies, lurking in streets hurriedly crossed to sneak in some grain or biscuits or cigarettes, or from hospital corridors where perhaps a close or a distant relative has had to pass! We are looking for stories from the margins of our self and our surrounding.

“Film your Thoughts in times of Corona Lockdown” is a small workshop to bring out these other stories from uncanny corners. The 7-day Online Documentary Film Making Workshop is scheduled from 27th April to 3rd May 2020.

Interactive sessions will be from 3pm to 6pm every day, supplemented with mentored practicals to assist participants articulate their ideas in film form with smartphones, handy cams and other gadgets easily available – within the confines of the home space and extended community – without defying any guidelines of the lockdown. Along with elementary film-making, the workshop will facilitate a broad understanding of media – its sources, functions, forms and effects. How to assimilate the range of media, particularly during times of the pandemic? How to observe media’s effects on one’s own personal psyche and larger social sphere?Through this workshop we would like to inspire autobiographical stories and stories on lockdown. 

For details please visit –…/film-your-thoughts-on-…

Application form –…/1FAIpQLSfAuaTQCRimz7kxrf…/viewform

We are conducting this workshop on the principles of gift economy with a voluntary payment scheme. Participants may pay if they wish, as much as they wish.

So, if you are overwhelmed with our current situation, if you have thoughts racing and questions flooding in your mind, if you have visions haunting you – do join – we would love to see your stories find their own form.

Do share among your friends who might be interested.

Stay safe and stay healthy,

Best wishes,

Richa & Rrivu

Auroville Film Institute / Auroville Timelines +91 9969879319